I ♥ Simon

“I ♥ Simon” was inspired by a beautiful little baby boy who was born with several heart malformations. Simon and his parents fought to keep him here, but he went to be in heaven after 23 days after he was born. What do we say in the face of tragedy? I don’t have the answers, but I know that God does. He, after all, is a daddy too.The Bible calls us to ‘weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn.’ I wrote this over a period of days as I prayed for Simon’s mom and dad. I hope they feel God’s presence in this very hard time.

Beautiful boy, born with a broken heart,
Simon was first my child, then yours.
Conceived in love, birthed with joy.
All of heaven grieves.
My saints, this great cloud of witnesses, both in eternity and on earth, carry your pain.

Once your womb was heavy, straining with the weight of your unborn son.
Now your heart bears an indescribable weight,
A burden which your arms long to hold.
And your heart, too, is broken.

I am the Great Physician, the healer!
But I walked this earth as a man and bore the anguish of a fallen world.
I felt the sorrow as only one constrained to the boundaries of flesh and bone can,
And in my fragile body, while hanging on the cross, my heart broke
So that blood and water poured forth.

Daughter, I count your tears-not one is lost.
Each silver drop is a seed which falls and grows into the most beautiful grace.
You see, tears are promises that while our spirits groan in pain here,
We will laugh with joy there,
In heaven.

I wait with Simon at your finish line,
All of heaven cheers you on!
Run strong, my daughter,
for your race is not in vain.
And know that not a tear will be wasted.

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