Monthly Archives: December 2012

Pestering Momma

I only have two children and they are amazing, beautiful kids.  Often, it sounds as though I have four or five kids instead.  “Momma!” “Momma!”  I hear this throughout the day.  In fact, if I hear it too many times in a row, my friend and I will burst into the chorus of an old classic rock song, “Momma, ooooooooh, I don’t wanna’ die…” just to lighten the moment and make the kids laugh.  Plus, if I’m really loud, it’s a little harder for them to keep interjecting.  Seriously, kids can sense weakness.  They know that I can’t effectively tune them out and that I am somehow wired to automatically respond.  It’s really hard to ignore or overlook your own children, even if it’s a request for something silly.

I also think that children have an innate radar that alerts them when I’m busy.  When I retire to the restroom on the second floor at the farthest corner of my house for a moment of privacy, instinct inexorably draws them to my location.  They will stand outside the door, “Momma! What are you doing?”  I’ve often thought, but never said, “Why I’m having cake and getting ready to open presents.  Then I’m going to play games!!!  You are really missing out on some serious fun!” If I’m on the phone, my son will approach and with a pseudo-whisper begin pestering….”Momma, can I have some ice cream? What can I have to eat? Can I have a soda, Momma?”  The older one sometimes takes it upon herself to be the second in command and the tattler-in-chief. “Momma, did you know that he did this?”

As I stood downstairs yesterday staring at all of my dirty dishes, I whispered yet another prayer for God’s help and intervention.  As the prayer left my lips, I experienced a moment of clarity.  I do the same thing to God that my children do to me.  Truly, I love the sweet chorus of their pleas.  But, sometimes I long for those precious moments when they want to snuggle up with me and be still.  I smiled to myself, because God knows exactly how I feel and I think I might have a better understanding of how He longs for me to abide with Him.  He loves my questions, is glad to meet my needs, but he wants me to want to be with Him.