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Today I am thankful for answered prayers. I am grateful for a God who does for me what I can not do for myself.

My Day! 2004

My Day, by Deborah Oliver

The guys have gone to Vegas, yes they have flown the coop;
And so it stands to reason, I’m ten feet deep in poop.
From noses to bottoms, I get to clean them all
Including the potty that’s floating down the hall.

Now I like home improvement, but this one is a bummer
Because I never planned on learning to become a plumber.
I went into the restroom to see that all was cool
And make sure there weren’t any sharks ‘swimming in the pool’

Something was amiss, there was no water in the bowl,
So I leaned in a bit closer and gave the knob a pull,
I lept back in revulsion as the toilet gave a rend,
And vomited back at me the contents hiding ’round the bend.

I plunged, and swore, and plunged; but it wasn’t any use
Why is it that when Brad is gone, life gives me this abuse?
Off I go to Wal-Mart to find myself a snake,
A tool from which no ‘occlusions’ can hope to escape.

I’m knee deep in poop and it occurs to me
That while I’m at this task I should charge a handsome fee
The pay ain’t much and I demand a raise
For everyone one of us who has had this kind of day!

So, let’s all have a laugh-this one is on me
Here’s to the 27th Wives and my victory!