Monthly Archives: June 2010

Religion or Faith

I have loved that which you’ve hated,
Split hairs, drawn lines and debated
The sinlessness of my wrong.

Though I’ve preached of you with my mouth,
Still my heart has headed South,
In pursuit of human desire.

Oh foolish woman that am I,
living this way, just getting by,
Counting on your grace and mercy
to cover my lack of true devotion.

This is religion through and through,
A set of standards adhered to,
In the absence of true love for my Savior.

How did I arrive at this point so jaded,
I am no different than those who have hated
You, your life, and the wounds that you bore.

Let him who knows the truth be set free,
May it sink bone deep and apply to me,
That I may experience the peace you offer

And as I grow in Spirit and in Truth,
I pray that I won’t keep myself apart and aloof
from those who have need of your power in their lives.